Welcome to The Harvest Institute


To engage in activities that lead to a Black America that is self-sufficient economically and politically and is competitive as a group.

Welcome to the Harvest Institute

The Harvest Institute, established in 1993 by noted author Dr. Claud Anderson is a non-partisan, tax-exempt, non-profit public policy research, education and advocacy organization that fosters economic self-sufficiency strategies for Black America using as a guide, his book, PowerNomics: The National Plan to Empower Black America. The Harvest Institute offers sound research-based guidance to those interested in better understanding racial issues for the purpose of better solutions.

The work of The Harvest Institute is to strengthen the foundation of the United States by improving the socio-economic productivity of Black America. The Institute analyses issues, formulates strategies to overcome barriers and to take advantage of economic opportunities. The Harvest Institute communicates its findings and policy perspective through its newsletter, The Harvest Report, national policy forums, advocacy activities, lectures and media appearances.

The Harvest Institute is a non-profit, tax exempt research, educational, policy and advocacy organization located in Washington, D.C.

All activities of The Harvest Institute are based upon the books written by Dr. Claud Anderson, the founder.

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Dr. Claud AndersonDr. Claud Anderson, is president of The Harvest Institute, a non-profit, tax exempt and nationally recognized Black think tank that works to help Black America become a self-sufficient and competitive group of people.

Widely recognized as one of America’s most influential intellectuals and authors, Dr. Anderson has popularized Black history.

Dr. Anderson has held the highest positions in federal and state government and politics.


The Harvest Institute is based on Dr. Anderson's books and writings. To see and order his books and DVDs go to www.powernomics.com.

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